Eyelash extension “russian volume” what is it?

For the past few years, eyelash extensions have been making our eyes soft. If the classics are of an assured quality, the Russian volume will seduce all those who want to get a doll's look. Here are all the descriptions about this revolutionary technique.

What is the Russian volume eyelash extension ?

The eyelash extension Russian volume consists in placing several extensions on a natural eyelash, this process is formulated "put in bouquet". It is an innovative eyelash extension method. The main distinctions between eyelash volume russian and eyelash to eyelash extensions are based on the amount of extension placed on each lash and the specificity of the extensions used. The extensions used are indeed very light, thinner and made to measure. During the application, the natural lash usually wears a composite bouquet of two to a maximum of nine extensions. The application of the Russian volume is longer than that of classic eyelash extensions because much more is applied. It lasts two hours minimum, during which the eyes are closed. The colour of the extensions, the number of lashes in the bouquet, but also the length, can be modified according to the desired effect.

The constraints of the Russian volume extension

Keep a few vouchers so that the Russian volume extensions last as long as possible: with Russian volume eyelash extensions, the eyeliner and pencil must be in 3D, 4D, eyelash to eyelash or other volumes, but especially with products that do not contain any oil or fat which are the enemies of the glue used during the Russian volume eyelash extension. Then, one should avoid rubbing the eyes, and the lengths of the extensions should be brushed each morning with a suitable brush. The maintenance is not of all rest, attention to the least conscientious and the most impatient. The Russian volume is suitable for all women, as is the eyelash to eyelash extension, except for those who have very fragile lashes or who no longer have natural lashes, those who are allergic to the glue used, or those who have eye problems.

The advantages of the Russian volume extension

Indeed, it should be noted that this method must always be added to recommendations despite its many advantages. The eyelash extension Russian volume allows to avoid the "panda eyes" effect generated by the flow of mascara in various situations (sauna, swimming pool, sweaty face, watery eyes, wet weather ...). The extensions applied when using the product not only care for your lashes, but also nourish them, while together helping to protect and make the natural lashes even stronger and more beautiful. So Russian volume is perfect for all those who want to have voluminous lashes and a drawn look.
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