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Eyelash extension techniques

Learn eyelash extension techniques through online training

Eyelash extensions are loved by women as it is one of the techniques for eyelash enhancement, and it makes lashes…

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Castor oil, hydration, cream… Our beauty tips for longer eyelashes

All women dream of curled, voluminous and fluttering lashes. For an intense look, castor oil can be a great help…

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Eyelash enhancement: doe eyes without mascara!

Women waste a lot of time putting on makeup, especially curling their eyelashes. It could be that the curve doesn’t…

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Eyelash extension “russian volume” what is it?

For the past few years, eyelash extensions have been making our eyes soft. If the classics are of an assured…

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How to have a natural complexion?

With simple and easily accessible ingredients, make your own care products for a natural complexion. These ingredients have the advantage…

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Should you wash your hair every day?

Is it adequate to wash your hair every day? This is a real question, especially for women, as opinions are…

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Non-surgical techniques for luscious lips

In general, today’s women love full lips. Would you also like to have those fleshy lips that fascinate the world…

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