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ruby-set jewellery

Buy ruby-set jewellery online

A Ruby stone, or otherwise known as Manik, is a natural, always red, precious gemstone with exceptional value that has…

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Why wear an esoteric bracelet?

Every day the world changes and with it humanity too. Everyone has their own way of looking at things. But…

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Jewellery in natural materials: a timeless charm

The jewels in natural material are made from products coming from nature in a way often artisanal, ethnic, fanciful with…

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Stone of the 7 chakras: what is it?

In general, there are seven chakras present in our body that constitute being. If a single one of these chakras…

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How do you wear the denim overalls without looking like a mover?

A person’s personality can be read through his or her look and can be seen at first glance. Therefore, it…

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How to wear the trouser suit properly?

The pantsuit is worn in the style you want to have. The trouser suit is not at all reserved for…

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Wear a jumpsuit: for all shapes and sizes?

The jumpsuit is one of the feminine clothing styles. Practical and really comfortable, it allows to highlight the silhouettes. There…

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