Eyelash enhancement: doe eyes without mascara!

Women waste a lot of time putting on makeup, especially curling their eyelashes. It could be that the curve doesn't work or that it didn't fit at all. While the shape of the lashes can give an amazing look. The look can attract people. Eyelash enhancement is a new technique to beautify the eyes. But what is it all about? How does eyelash enhancement work? What are the benefits of applying eyelash enhancement? These questions will be answered in this article.

What is eyelash enhancement?

There are several techniques to curl lashes. A new technique has recently been introduced. Eyelash enhancement allows you to have an attractive look and also the lashes of your dreams. The eyelashes are curved and the curve must look natural. Without mascara or make-up, the lashes always remain curved. Note that the curve lasts a few weeks. Eyelash enhancement is a way to embellish the look. To do the eyelash enhancement, you lift the lashes from the root. This accentuates the curve of the lashes and the volume of lashes seems to increase. Synthetic eyelash extensions are not added, so the look is always natural. Eyelash enhancement is different for everyone. It depends on the length and volume of each person's lashes.

How does the eyelash enhancement work?

The eye is different for each individual. What is good for one person is not good for others. Therefore, before doing the eyelash enhancement, the beautician first studies the shape of the eyes, the length and volume of the lashes. After that, she can do the enhancement. Make-up must be removed from the face before starting the eyelash enhancement. All traces of mascara must be removed. Then, place the silicone patch on the eyelids. The size of the silicone patch depends on the length of the lashes. Afterwards, the eyelashes are curled. The lashes must be stuck on the silicone patch. The permanent lotion is put on so that it can last as long as possible. We leave it on for a few minutes and then wash them. A second product is then applied. A fixing lotion is applied. The lotion fixes the shape and sets the curve of the lashes. After rinsing, the patches are removed. Apply nourishing base and you're done.

The benefits of eyelash enhancement

There are many advantages to eyelash enhancement:   -Whatever the length or the volume of the lashes, the eyelash enhancement embellishes the look and gives a little more intensity to the lashes. -It also allows to curl the lashes, you no longer need to curl the lashes every morning. You can then save time. -The enhancement is done from the base of the lashes, so the lashes are much more curved. -The result is much more natural, because we don't add extensions that make the lashes look artificial. -You no longer need mascara or make-up. -After the enhancement, no special care is needed. -The enhancement can last 4 to 5 weeks.
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