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Buying high quality fashion items is not a pursuit to be rushed. Each garment must be considered for obvious factors such as the colour and size, but also for less blatant features such as the feel of the fabric, the way it hangs and moves while being worn, and for a perfect tailored fit. This is why fashion houses still hold catwalk shows: the clothing looks its best while being modelled, and prospective customers can see what the garment looks like moving at a walk, flowing over the curves of a real person.

Shopping online can be a different prospect

Customers scroll quickly through hundreds of thumbnail images, clicking on those that pique their interest enough to garner a second look, deciding very quickly, usually in less than five minutes, whether to progress further or not.

However, high fashion houses such as IRO collection, now with branches in France, including IRO Paris, are beginning to move online in response to the demands of customers. This is the right thing to do: more people have access to the brand, and other well established, high-end names have already taken this step in order to move in line with customer expectations and the rapidly changing world of retail.

When choosing an item from the IRO Collection online, follow these steps:

- Enlarge the images of the item as big as you can, if possible, use a laptop or PC to do your online high-fashion shopping and look at all the photographs that are on offer. Many sites use short video clips to show prospect customers how the garment looks in motion – a tiny personal catwalk show for each item.

- Consider the same factors that you would use at a fashion show, reading through the size guide, checking the fabrics used, and, if it is a concern, look out for sustainability promises, fair wage guarantees and so on.

- Choose items that will help to build a high-quality, durable wardrobe. High-quality designer items make a fantastic base around which you can build your unique look. Fun and quirky clothing items that might not stand the test of time in the same way that core items will, can be added each season, these do not necessarily have to have the same quality and staying power as your designer items. Before you start shopping, have an idea about your ideal look, and choose each item to enhance that aesthetic.

- If in doubt, order the item in order to check it out in person. The absolute best way to be sure of the quality of any item, is to touch it, try it on and see it up close and personal. A quick disclaimer: do check the returning procedure beforehand, if you cannot return the item easily or for free you might need to think again!

5 Do not be scared of investing in your clothes. A high-price tag item will more than prove economical when it wears well, remaining immaculate and in perfect shape for many years to come. While expense does not always equate to high-quality, you should expect to pay a little more for excellence.


IRO fashion captures the spirit of the sensual tomboy, youthful but mature, independent but loving, with unique mixtures of materials and fabrics that will ensure the wearer stands out in any crowd. You can create your own distinctive look, enjoying the look and feel of beautiful fabric and excellent construction without needing to travel in order to put your personal wardrobe together, as long as you have a clear vision of what you want, and the discipline to hold that in mind while browsing through all the tempting garments on offer.

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