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A Ruby stone, or otherwise known as Manik, is a natural, always red, precious gemstone with exceptional value that has been around for many years. Furthermore, these stones are among the renowned traditional jewellery stones offering exceptional durability with the capability of reaching vivid levels of saturation. In some cases, the larger, gem-quality rubies tend to be more valuable than even similar sized diamonds.

A majority of these little valued stones are native cut and in most cases, the rough is tightly controlled and it only occasionally reaches custom cutters. However, recut and custom-cut rubies tend to be of higher-value per carat than most of the commercial or native-cut stones.

A Brief History of Rubies

Over the years, these natural stones have always been thought of as the stone of the kings. There have even been references to St. Louis’s ring in the 13th century that had a big stone shaped like an almond. There was also a similar mention in the 14th century, which was about Charles V’s oriental gemstone that was engraved and used it as a seal for his letters. Approximately 100 years later, there was a mention of the Heart of France, a gold ring set with a couple of rubies owned by Duke of Berry.

If you visit the St. Guy’s Cathedral located in Prague, you can bear witness to the Crown Jewels, the amazingly stunning headdress that contained pearls, emeralds and sapphires set in gold and a 250-carat oriental ruby. There were also significant mentions of these stone in Orient lands among the Oriental rulers. Since then, these stones have evolved to become the epitome of elegance and class all over the world.


Rubies constitute some of the most expensive and rarest minerals in the world, the scarlets being the most difficult to find. If the stones are particularly clear, they are occasionally labelled AAA. Although these minerals are thought as dichroic, which means that they contain two colours, some of the finest varieties of these natural stones sometimes contain about 80% pure scarlet. Furthermore, they display some elements of secondary colours like violet, purple, pink or orange.

These stones, much like the Emerald and Alexandrite, portraying a complete absence of inclusions is quite rare. It is the presence of chromium in these natural stone jewellery that contributes to the small blemishes. Moreover, you may also see some enhancements of play of light and increased value and beauty because of the rutile silks or microscopic titanium inclusions.

Mystical Powers of Rubies | Ruby Lore

It’s been thought over the years that these natural crystals contain mystical and positive properties, mostly associated with the sun. Folklores have it that these stones preserved the physical and mental health of human beings. During the Middle Ages, they were believed to hold prophecies as many people believed that the darkening of the crystals was symbolic of a nearing danger. Even Ivan the Terrible of Russia once mentioned that these stones were good for your memory, brain and heart.

On the other hand, a lot of people considered rubies as the stones of passion, energy, power, love and the zest of life and it is a candid representation of very powerful feelings. The read appeal was also associated with blood, believed to restore the vital forces of life while increasing vigour and energy. In some cases, people even thought that those who possessed the stones could walk through life with the absence of the fear of misfortune or evil.

Quality Factors of the Crystals

The price and value of these stones are mostly estimated depending on their hue and size. However, the hue is what mostly increases and decreases the price of the stone per carat. For instance, it might cost you a lot more to buy an elegant paragon having a red hue than one that has a bit of purple or orange hue. This is because these hues are mostly associated with lower quality; thus, their prices will be significantly lower. That is why you will always find different sizes of jewellery with different prices. Here is what you consider when out shopping for these beautiful paragons:

  • Cut: These stones are often fashioned as mixed cuts that come with step-cut pavilions and brilliant-cut crowns. You need to understand that many underlying factors affect the cut of the gemstones you will find online. However, the most common shape you can expect to find is the flat tabular hexagonal shape. They may also be elongated in some cases.
  • Clarity : The more the inclusions the stone has, the more its transparency is affected. Therefore, this significantly reduces its brilliance; thus, greatly reducing the value of the gem. Since inclusions-free gemstones are essentially non-existent, you should expect to find stones with some inclusions in them. They might contain inclusions like some zones of colour variations or other minerals.
  • Colour: It is arguably the most significant attribute to consider when out shopping for these gemstones. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that the finer gems are purer and come in vibrant red colour and might range to a slightly purplish red colour.
  • Carat weight : It can be very difficult to find fine-quality gemstones of over one carat because they are the rarer ones. This means that they will be pricier than those measuring significantly lower. The price will increase as the weight of the gemstones increase.

The Litho Therapeutic Properties of these Gemstones

These gemstones have always been thought to have litho therapeutic properties since as early as the 16th century, owing to the likes of John de Renou, a litho therapy enthusiast. He was the doctor of Henry II, III and the IV. The therapist believed that these stones had a tonic property that is very instrumental in resisting venoms and rotting.

However, you might be thinking, what exactly is litho therapy? This is an energy healing approach lie any other that employs the basic principles of many different healing techniques put together. It encompasses techniques like past life regression, meditation, auric cleansing, massage, healing and restructuring of your energy bodies using gemstones like rubies.

There are many ways these stones can be used in litho therapy including:

  • Jewellery.
  • Elixirs.
  • Amplification and transmission of long-distance healing.
  • Laying down on stones as a form of energetic reconstruction of the chakras and aura.
  • Placing the stones in your environment to help you enhance your both, your working and living space.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that whichever way you choose to use the gemstones in lithotherapy, the gemstone itself will not magically help you fix yourself despite how clear or pretty it is. It is the skill, variation and intent that will be instrumental in helping you transmit the beneficial energy you so badly crave.

Here are some of the most common psychological benefits of these stones:

  • Promote wisdom and prevent jealousy.
  • Regulates hyperactivity.
  • Brings enthusiasm and joy of life.
  • Strengthens courage and willpower.
  • Fostering positive dreams warding off nightmares.
  • Enhancing passions.
  • Stimulating creativity.
  • Develops perseverance and self-confidence.

Some of the noteworthy physical benefits include:

  • Promoting longevity.
  • Promoting sexual activity.
  • Protects you from contagions and poisoning.
  • Improve the function of the adrenal glands and kidneys.
  • Restoration of vitality and energy.
  • Treats fever.
  • Instrumental in lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Protects the circulatory system and the heart.
  • Improves eyesight.
  • Protects you from seasickness.
  • Important in relieving cramps, tension and painful periods.

Wrap Up

Since the ancient times, these gemstones have proved to be worth more than just beautiful paragons. It has been a symbol of power, being a favourite among those in power over the years. Furthermore, it has always been related to love and an object that inspires emotion better than any other stone in existence. They are also thought to create balance and energize the body while stimulating the heart chakra.

Furthermore, it is believed to help people set goals while improving their motivation. It has always been related to the positives rather than negatives in life. Therefore, buying yourself a stone online will be of great use. However, always make sure that you keep in mind the quality factors.

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