Fashion do’s and don’ts

Some “never ever” rules to follow…

- No muffin tops; know your body shape and what works and don’t buy ill-fitting clothes - Don’t dress live a teenager, wear clothes that are age appropriate - Don’t wear clothes for anyone else - Never bring a straight guy shopping with you - Avoid fashion you don’t know how to use, like stilettos you can’t walk in - Don’t over-accessorise - Trends come and go; don’t spend all your money on styles that will last one season

Fashion rules to live by…

- Adapt trends so that they work for you - Buy the best quality basic items that you can afford - Spoil yourself and buy some really good underwear - Support local designers and products - Donate clothes that are in good condition that you no longer want - Wear colour near your face - Once in a while try something that’s “not you”
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