How to have a natural complexion?

With simple and easily accessible ingredients, make your own care products for a natural complexion. These ingredients have the advantage of working together and not against each other to give your skin its natural glow.

A cleanser

The cleanser removes all traces of bacteria, make-up, grease, dead skin and sweat from your skin. In addition to cleaning, it refreshes and allows the skin to breathe. Thanks to its virtues, you will have a healthy and clean area to work on: apply moisturizer and makeup. Coconut oil : Coconut oil is perfect for removing make-up, it eliminates all traces of make-up even the most stubborn. It is recommended to use liquid coconut oil so as not to clog the pore. Hemp oil : After coconut oil, use hemp oil to balance the skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties, hemp oil restores the elasticity of the skin and regenerates new cells. It is especially essential for skin prone to acne and eczema. Honey: If before sleeping you apply hemp oil to restore your skin, in the morning wash your face with honey on wet skin. Prefer unpasteurized honey to get the most out of the nutrients and vitamins that are still intact. Honey has anti-bacterial, moisturizing, nourishing and repairing properties. Application : Apply and massage your skin with your preparation for one or two minutes. Wet a towel with warm water and let it rest on your face for one minute so that the vapours open your pores. Gently wipe your skin to remove any traces of cleanser. A tonic The tonic is a liquid that will penetrate your skin to give it a radiant appearance. It moisturizes the skin, removes dead skin quickly. It is advisable to use the tonic after each cleansing, either in the evening before going to bed or in the morning when waking up. The cider vinegar : Cider vinegar diluted with water is an excellent tonic despite its not always pleasant smell. In addition to being very affordable, cider vinegar is a perfect antiseptic and anti-bacterial to get rid of acne and blackheads. It is also a perfect exfoliant. Because of its smell, it is advisable to apply it only in the evening before going to bed and during the days when you do not use a mask. Lavender and witch hazel waters: This ingredient is milder than cider vinegar. It is best used during the day. Like cider vinegar, lavender and witch hazel water has antibacterial and inflammatory properties. Application: Spray the tonic on your hands and gently pat your face with or sprinkle a cotton pad with it and cleanse your skin from the inside out.

Natural and moisturizing mask

Once a week, it is important to use a mask for thorough and complete skin care. Green clay : Green clay absorbs excess fat and skin impurities, shrinks pores, reduces acne and dead skin and provides a perfect balance to the skin. To repair and heal skin problems, use a moisturizer. While it may seem counter-productive to use oil on already oily skin, moisturizer will create balance and stop the vicious cycle of greasy skin that fights back against skin care by creating more grease. Jojoba oil and lavender : The characteristics of jojoba oil are very similar to those of sebum. It will therefore trick the skin into creating less fat. Light, it is suitable for all skin types, it nourishes and moisturizes. Mixed with a few drops of lavender essential oil, it becomes anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and heals skin imperfections. Application: Mix one ounce of jojoba oil with 10 to 12 drops of lavender essential oil, then keep in a small container, preferably with a dropper. After cleansing and toning, pour 4 to 6 drops on the hand and apply to the face. Wait 30 minutes before applying your make-up. It is advisable to use less moisturizer in the morning to avoid having too much oil under your make-up.
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