Your summer wardrobe

The nature of a fashion trend is that it comes and goes, so you need to ensure that your wardrobe is filled with staple items that can be worn every season. Spend money on these essentials and dress them up or down with the latest fashion trends. Summer isn’t summer without a great swimsuit. Whether you buy a one or a two piece, choose something that suits your skin tone and body shape, and something you’ll feel comfortable in. The sundress belongs in every wardrobe. The cool cotton is perfect for the warmer months and it’s feminine, elegant and comes in exciting colours and designs. The maxi dress is for the free spirited but can be altered by wearing a skinny belt and accessories. Khaki shorts are a must, as they are cool and comfortable and can be worn with a variety of different tops. A pair of flat, neutral leather sandals will compliment most of your outfits from jeans to flowing skirts.
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