Fashion icons

The outrageous Lady GaGa and the demure Duchess of Cambridge don’t have a lot in common, but in the crazy world of fashion they are both style icons. From risqué to reserved, these women are influencing and shaping fashion trends. Wildly unique and totally unapologetic, Lady GaGa makes her own rules and manages to pull off styles and outfits that no other woman can. Another impulsive icon is the unsinkable Kate Moss. She’s known as much for her attitude as for her vintage style, and she can never put a foot wrong. With her own fashion label, Sienna Miller is the “It Girl” for the effortlessly cool bohemian look. The Olsen twins might be small but they certainly are a force and they were voted best-dressed siblings of 2011 by Vogue magazine. Who says politics and fashion don’t mix? Michelle Obama has been on Vanity Fair’s International Best-dressed list for four years running and makes fashion accessible to ordinary women. Befitting of her royal status, Kate Middleton is elegant and stylish, while still keeping her individual flair.
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