Mixing white items with coloured. Good idea?

Love it or hate it, everyone has to do the laundry at some point. It takes time and it can be confusing if you are not used to doing your own laundry. The usual questions that are asked include; what kind of washing detergent is good for the machine, should you use fabric softener and can your white and coloured garments be washed together. When washing your clothing, you should rarely wash you white and coloured garments together. Separating whites and colours when you do laundry helps to prevent color transfer – dye from colours getting on whites and lighter colours. Sometimes you may want to wash only a few things, depending on colours and textures you should old ever wash clothes that don’t run with white garments like towels and other bathroom accessories. Washing a colored item with a white item can lead to an inadvertent dye job for the whole load of laundry. A red sweatshirt can turn a load of white sheets or dress shirts pink. This is the reason for separating laundry by colour requirements. Cotton whites stay whiter when washed in hot water, which also helps to kill germs on sheets and towels. Coloured clothing retains color better at cold water temperatures. Therefore, when it comes to your clothing, make that extra little bit of effort to keep them in a good condition.
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