On trend shoes for summer!

If you’re like me, shoes tend to be left in the cupboard on hot, summery days. There’s nothing better than that rush when you have to scuttle across the hot tar as fast as you can out of fear you may burn your feet off! FootwearIf I absolutely have to wear shoes, it’s a pair of white flip-flops, that come off at the first opportunity. However, we all know summer is the season for glam parties, being seen in all the trendiest spots, wearing the ultimate in summer fashions. What better time than summer to flash those footsies in some amazing footwear, bang on trend and making a statement. Summer 2013 promises to be the year of the shoe!

Hidden Wedges

The sneaky sneakers Isabel Marant introduced these amazing shoes towards the end of 2012 and they became a fashion phenomenon. It’s a stylish sneaker with a hidden wedge inside. You can have the casual, funky look of a sneaker and the glam of a wedge heel at the same time. Complete genius! You may think it’s bizarre to have a closed shoe on a summer list, but paired with denim shorts or simple black maxi, you can keep cool and summery and still rock this look.

Studs & Stones

Loubotin studded slippers These Loubotin studded slippers are right on trend.

Studs exploded onto the scene and show no sign of going away any time soon. They are a perfect way to edge up any look, and are found on anything from shoes to bags to jackets. Christian Loubotin has put studs on almost every pair in his recent offering, from sneakers to slippers to his amazing heels. Don’t assume the studs only pair well with black. They also look amazing on pastels and rich, purple and navy tones. Try not to over-stud though, if you’re rocking a killer pair of studded heels, leave the studded leather jacket at home. You might end up looking up more biker chick than chic.

Chunky Heels

HeelsThese heels scream comfort and style.

We all know heels aren’t the most comfortable things in the world, we’re all wobbly and unstable and we look like newborn giraffes at the best of times. But we want to look glam, so we withstand the sprained ankles and embarrasment. You’ll be relieved to discover that this summer’s newest trend is the chunky heel, a classic heel style but with a much thicker, sturdier heel and platform. These are great paired with a pair of flared trousers or a maxi dress and can handle bold prints and bright colours.
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