The world’s most stylish nations

  1. Australia: the style of down-under is casual, individualistic that can be clearly distinguished from European style. Although Australia’s fashion is influenced by the surf culture there is more to it that foot thongs, swimming costumes and a pair of old jeans. Today, the country is filled with super-dressed people wearing innovative and unique clothing that can rival the best European haute couture.
  2. The Brazilians: it may not be the latest trends straight from the catwalks that make the Brazilian fashion so interesting, however, the nations great sense of style, full of colors, patterns and well fitting clothes capture the optimistic spirit of the country.
  3. The Danish: the Danes have this great fashion sense that they are simply born with. This can easily be seen on the streets of Denmark, Copenhagen, Arhus or Alborg, where literally everyone is dressed with style. They don’t follow current trends, but rather opt to follow their own fashion rules.
  4. Japanese: it’s not the insane look of crazy teenagers we see everywhere. Japanese have an amazing sense of aesthetics and there are no other countries in the world where art plays such a big role in the history of the nation. Japanese’s need for expressing themselves through art can be observed in every aspect of their life, especially in clothing.
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